Safety of our Customers & Staff


A message to all our customers,

Question: How can we be there for you safely and professionally?

During these challenging times where face to face contact is deemed irresponsible, people still need life’s essentials to survive.

Hospitals, food manufacturing, processing and packaging plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and engineering shops to name but a few must remain in full operation despite the challenges they will encounter.

Despite the potential risk of infection, compressed air and vacuum maintenance teams must also be available to react to any breakdown these industries may encounter to show our solidarity in their time of need.

We have set up measures to reduce or negate the need for face to face contact with the majority of our customers, however there are sites where the risk of cross contamination is so feared that all outside contractor visits has been banned.

These are the sites where we have to think out of the box and look for alternative solutions.

From this, we have set up a FREE helpline, whether you’re a customer or not, in order to offer our support.

If you visit our website and inform us of your issue, we will endeavour to get back to you with advice or a workable solution as soon as we possibly can. If you prefer to speak to someone direct, please contact us on 0141 952 3917 and we will endeavour to resolve your issue.

We would also welcome your recent good or bad experiences, the do’s and dont’s in order to educate us as a support industry to improve the service we offer.