Helping to prevent any long term issues or damage

Times have changed and with today’s advanced technology, keeping your compressor or air system operating can involve thorough knowledge and investment in the necessary monitoring equipment and technical training.

At Airmac, we understand the importance of this and assume that responsibility for you and your business. The result is a responsive and flexible service department, guaranteed to keep your compressed air system running at peak performance.

24 hour maintenance service


We can offer you a choice of flexible preventative maintenance contracts backed by our extensive experience of on-site servicing.

Our service and maintenance operation enjoys an unrivalled reputation for its efficiency, skills and capability. Built upon a rapid, reliable 24-hour operation that covers everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, the sole aim of our service is to keep your air supply uninterrupted and operating at optimum efficiency, at all times.

Air compressor breakdowns

Through our comprehensive tailored service packages, Airmac Limited strive to ensure that your compressed air equipment runs smoothly and efficiently all year round. We do however recognise that sometimes it all goes wrong.

We are proud to offer a fast and reliable solution for compressor and ancillary equipment breakdowns across Scotland and Northern England.

Airmac engineers provide expert advice and support, both over the phone and on site. If you need us on site quickly we are available 24-7 and have a large range of compressors in stock ready to despatch in the event of a major failure.

24 hour availability

Hire / loan compressors

Guaranteed response times

Comprehensive breakdown cover

Product warranty support

Compressor maintenance and repairs

Air compressor maintenance and repair is at the very heart of Airmac & our commitment to our customers. We have years of experience in compressed air equipment supply and maintenance and we can maintain and repair all types of screw, vane and piston compressors, regardless of size or age.

More importantly, we offer a Fast Response to our clients, ensuring your compressed air supply is interrupted for as little time as possible.

Our clients are happy to take advantage of our flexible maintenance plans, meaning we can tailor the needs to your business dependant on hours operated, size of air plant and budget.

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Air Compressor Maintenance

Air Compressor Repairs

Fast Response Time

Flexible Rates

Accredited by the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS), our team of Compressor Service Engineers receive ongoing training to ensure a full range of compressed air competencies.

In addition to routine compressor servicing, we can also provide help and advice on compressed air Energy Audits and Leak detection.

Flexible maintenance

Irrespective of the size of your company, Airmac can offer tailored flexible maintenance packages to accommodate any budget.

This provides peace of mind knowing that someone is on hand ready to deal with any issue you may encounter.

We cover all brands of compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps and ancillary equipment. Each agreement can be individually tailored to meet your specific system requirements, offering:

A fixed price maintenance schedule based on running hours and period of agreement

The ability for you to chose the level of service required

Flexible payment options

24-7 emergency on-site support all year round

How does it work?

A Flexible Maintenance Plan can be taken out over a period from 1 up to 5 years, and would consist of a fixed price maintenance schedule based on the level of service you opt for.

Being tailored to your needs and budget, we can offer a basic standard package, which would be designed around the manufacturer’s recommended service guide or a Fully Comprehensive package allowing for loan compressors, all call out charges and all unforeseen repairs. There’s also the option to select anything in between these 2 options. It’s entirely your decision on the level of cover you need from us.