Air Treatment

Refrigeration dryers: the most economical drying method for any system

Refrigeration dryers are used in compressed air systems worldwide and represent the current state of technology. Refrigeration drying is the most cost-effective technology for the drying of compressed air: The compressed air is cooled, so that water vapour in the air condensates inside the unit and can be drained off. For fluctuating volume flows, we recommend the Beko DRYPOINT  RA eco, or the Gardner Denver GDD Range as their intelligent control enables you to make significant energy savings.

For applications where stable conditions are a key requirement, the standard either of these two direct expansion dryers are the most efficient solution.

2 Beko Drypoint RA eco refrigerant dryers

Convincingly efficient with minimal pressure loss

A high pressure drop in the refrigeration dryer must be compensated for by an increased compressor performance and the therefore associated additional energy demand. The consequences are unnecessary energy consumption and significantly higher operating costs. In the case of either of the refrigeration dryers offered by AIRMAC, the pressure drop has therefore been reduced to an absolute minimum. The essential elements here are the flow-optimised heat exchanger, a demister for safe separation and generously dimensioned components, which ensure a low pressure drop of 0.16 bar on average – in full load operation.

Cold-regenerated desiccant dryers

Reliable drying – even under high pressure: When the conditions are unfavourable and the air volume flows are higher, then the demands on the construction design of a compressed-air dryer are also higher.

Our cold-regenerated adsorption dryer is particularly robust and durable due to its high-quality components. They remove the humidity from the compressed air in an efficient and safe manner by utilising a desiccant. A small proportion of the dried compressed air is subsequently implemented for regeneration. Compressed air losses are therefore retained at a consistently low level and the operating costs are significantly reduced.

Compact modular desiccant air dryer

Clean and dry compressed air is easily achieved with ultra-high purity desiccant air dryers.

Designed for use in the compressor room, at the point of application or integrated into your original equipment, nano D1, D2 & D3 modular desiccant air dryers are an effective solution to the problems caused by contaminated compressed air.

Designed for use in the compressor room, at the point of application or integrated into your original equipment, these dryers are an effective solution to the problems caused by contaminated compressed air.

3 Desiccant dryers

more for your money - everything needed for installation is in the box

moisture & particulate protection of your production process

lower life cycle costs - low energy costs and simplified maintenance

built in dew point monitoring (optional)

space saving - models up to 177 scfm can be easily wall mounted

safe and quiet operation

flows 3 - 1110 scfm at 100 psig operating pressure

peace of mind - the most reliable product of its kind

Everdry desiccant dryer

Heatless Desiccant Dryer

Heatless adsorption dryers are designed to supply high quality dry compressed air reliably and efficiently down to a pressure dew point of -70 °C.
They are capable of volume flows of up to 6100m³/h at operating conditions of 7 barg (100psig).

Heat-regenerated desiccant dryers

The EVERDRY desiccant dryer series offers standardised system concepts with a wide range of possible variations as a heat-regenerating adsorption dryer for compressed air. The highly complex tasks involved in compressed-air drying of larger volume flows can therefore be solved particularly economically.

EVERDRY® FRA ambient air: Cooling utilising ambient air

Desorption with EVERDRY FRA is executed in the counter-current to the adsorption direction with heated blown air and cooling by utilising blown air in the direct current. No compressed air losses therefore result for regeneration (ZERO Purge). Utilising this desiccant dryer is dependent on the ambient conditions, which must be inspected before every application.

everdry air treatment system

Compressed air filtration

Clean and oil-free compressed air is easily achieved with our range of performance validated compressed air filters.

Reliability is built in… and backed by a 1 year filter element and a 10 year filter housing warranty!

Tested to ISO 12500 standards, our compressed air filter range has been independently validated to guarantee the highest levels of air quality making Airmac your premier solution for your compressed air filtration needs.

Features & benefits

nineteen (19) models ranging from 8 to 1500 scfm at 100 psig

five (5) filter element grades ranging from 25 to 0.003 micron including coalescing air filters, particulate air filters and activated carbon filters

improved filtration for your air compressor room or point of use application with in line filters

a comprehensive range of accessories

reliable and efficient liquid and particulate removal from your compressed air system

space saving design - no tie rod allows easy bowl removal

Oil vapour removal system

Our range of oil vapour removal adsorbers has been designed to reduce oil vapour and odour from any compressed air system.  The activated carbon towers will, by the use of adsorption, reduce residual oil content to lower than 0.003 ppm at 95 degrees F and 100 psi inlet pressure.

The nano NVR range utilizes a unique adsorbent filled activated carbon cartridges complete with integral diffusers and a built-in 1 micron dust filter as standard.

Some of the Many Features & Benefits

air quality guarantee

modular construction

simple maintenance

Nano Oil Vapour Removal system