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Quin Global – The job was delivered on time to a very high standard

“New Factory, New Compressors”

Quin Global Said

After selecting Airmac from a number of potential compressed air suppliers, Quin Global were delighted with the finished compressed air equipment installation. The job was delivered on time and to a very high standard with no change to the original specification or price.

The 2 compressors are being remotely monitored via the “Iconn” remote monitoring devices we installed, however with an installation such as this, we have had no issues with either compressor since their installation.

Barry Furey commented “I was sick to death with pressure problems at our old factory and what a refreshing change to my daily routine not having to give the air supply a second thought”.

AirMac testimonials


“Amazing Result.”

John Smith of Thomson Pettie Said – “We had no idea there could be so much money saved in energy by simply selecting the correct compressor to meet our air demand.”

For 20 Years this site used Atlas Copco Compressors until Airmac offered to carry out a “No Obligation” energy audit on their Air System. As energy consumption was something the site were keen to measure and reduce and there was no cost involved with our audit, we subsequently logged the site for 2 weeks.

Our findings were amazing, showing a saving of £ 7,000.00 per annum could be achieved if they were to purchase and install a capacity matching compressor better suited to their air usage profile.

The compressor was subsequently purchased and installed and have proven to deliver the savings we perceived could be achieved.

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“Lovely Job Airmac!”

The project main contractor comment – “We have had many dealings with many compressed air contractors over the years on numerous projects and this installation is by far the best thought out and implemented we’ve ever been involved in.”

A specialist in transfusion diagnostics has expanded it’s production facility in East Lothian and with the help of their new CompAir Oil Free Compressed Air package pictured below, they hope to accelerate the development of their next generation automated transfusion diagnostics platform.

The system was designed by Airmac Limited and has 100% contingency on both Air Generation and Air Preparation.

Maintenance can be carried out at any time with absolutely no interruption to the air supply.

The Oil Free Compressors are all variable speed. The dryers are Hybrid and can use both refrigerant and/or desiccant technologies to clean and dry the air dependant on weather conditions.

This will ensure the air quality supplied to the production area is to the required specification all year round and done so in the most energy efficient and economical way.


“No downtime since they were commissioned, fantastic!”

Nigel Birse Said – “Having new, quiet and reliable compressors with a 5 year warranty is a real bonus for our maintenance team, allowing us to focus on production issues as opposed to compressor issues.”

After suffering for many years with antiquated unreliable compressors the owner of these recently installed Gardner Denver Screw Compressors is delighted his in-house engineering team now have time to address other pressing factory production issues rather than their normal routine, which was mainly compressor issues.

These machines have proven to be one of the best investments the business has ever made, even though the initial outlay was more than they had historically spent.

Their normal chosen route to purchasing compressed air equipment was on line auction sites, which has always proven to be money down the drain.

The lesson learned by this business was “you get what you pay for” and even though the price of some pre-owned compressors may look attractive, the likelihood is you’re buying someone else’s problem.