Condensate Processing

Safe and efficient condensate separation: ÖWAMAT®

With all air compressor installations, it’s vitally important to have the correct condensate processing as part of the system. Compressed air condensation often equates to 99% water and 1% oil and if left untreated can incur costly disposal via specialist companies. With this in mind, Airmac can supply and install condensate processing filters that will not only ensure that your air compressor is working to its full capability but will also help save potential damage in the future.

ÖWAMAT has been a tried and tested oil-water separation system for dispersed condensates for decades. It has been awarded a building regulation’s approval for the versions with and without free oil separation, for synthetic or mineral oils as well as for processing condensate generated by piston- and screw compressors, therefore not requiring any legislation for water protection approval.

Legislators demand that discharged condensate is processed safely and properly. We support this – with our sustainability policy and an extensive range of condensate processing systems. Our ÖWAMAT oil-water separators are available as system-related in six sizes with or without pre-separation. They combine environmental protection and economic efficiency and enable the environmentally friendly treatment of dispersed condensate directly at the point of origin. That is economical, efficient – and the cost-effective alternative.

Condensate discharge with the BEKOMAT®

Condensation occurs at virtually every point along the compressed air treatment process. In most cases, it contains oil and dirt particles that should not enter the compressed air system. We help you remove condensate from your compressed air and achieve the optimum quality for your application: with the BEKOMAT. The electronic level controlled condensate drain has become synonymous with efficient condensate discharge.

Volume-controlled and with intelligent electronics to prevent compressed air losses, it minimises energy expenditure and costs. This is not only our view but that of many renowned compressor manufacturers who recommend the BEKOMAT  as they regard it as the safest and most economical condensate discharge unit currently available on the market.

The condensate discharge requirements are ultimately determined by the purpose for which the treated compressed air is used. We aim at offering our customers optimised solutions for their specific applications. With our comprehensive range of condensate drains, we cater for virtually all compressor types and performance levels, system pressures and operating conditions – including of course highly specialised applications.

bekomat 33 vac condensate drain